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Did you know that much of the financial information you hear, see, or read about does not apply to you or your business?

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We exist to serve business owners through a refined and unique planning process. While you focus on your business today, we help develop the best possible options to arrive at your final destination – helping you to exit the business on your terms.

Real Life

The more important you are to your business the less your business is worth.” That’s what Jerry Washington said as our team at The PSGroup met with Jerry, Lawrence Gillespie and Trey Harper, equal owners of Garden of Eden Landscaping. Many business owners take pride in the businesses they’ve built and they should.

We have worked with the owners of Garden of Eden to develop written contingency plans for when, if, and how to exit the business, either by choice or otherwise. Otherwise was addressed when Jerry’s unexpected death occurred just after the firm celebrated their 10th anniversary. The bumpy road of adjusting to the new situation was made smoother because of the early contingency planning. Jerry’s widow suffered less due to the proper purchase plan for her inherited share of the 10 year old business. The PSGroup teams with legal, accounting and business valuation advisors whose guidance throughout the life of a company aid in making a plan work under difficult circumstances

All scenarios and names mentioned herein are hypothetical. Any resemblance to existing situations, persons or fictional characters is coincidental. The information presented should not be used as the basis for any specific investment advice.

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