How We Work

Designs for Wealth | Plans for Life

As your goals and personal situation evolve over your lifetime, we are with you every step along the way to develop and implement the best plans to achieve your goals.

The PSGroup measures our success by how well you succeed.


Our approach begins with learning what really matters to you: your unique circumstances, your priorities, and your financial goals. This helps us align a strategy and capitalize on your strengths, while addressing the areas where you need help.

We avoid industry trends and fads, and rely instead on proven macro-economic principles that complement what you want to achieve.


Building a successful future requires knowledgeable planning and long-term commitment. We do away with cookie-cutter plans and fixed option menus, and instead create a unique blueprint that reflects what you want to accomplish.

We help you organize your financial reality to chart a clear course to a successful future, and implement customized strategies that generate results.


The customized plan we develop with you isn’t static—it will evolve over time as your life and goals change. The PSGroup will be here to equip you with the right tools to succeed and help guide you through any necessary changes.

We identify risks to your goals, and help you avoid potholes, blind spots, and detours along the way. We also provide the flexibility you need to confidently modify your plan as circumstances change.

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Whether you’re currently in the work force or retired, self-employed or in a long-term career with an employer, we can create a plan that meets your unique needs and goals.



If you own a company and want to drive greater success and increase your business’ value, we can provide a roadmap to get you where you want to be.


Don’t lose key employees because your benefit offerings don’t meet their needs. Our plans can help you create more success, and hire and retain the best people.


  • Step 1


    We look at the financial plan we build together as a roadmap, leading you to the destination you desire. Our process helps you ARTICULATE where you want to go, and allows us to ALLOCATE the proper time and resources to get you there, so that you ARRIVE at your financial destination on schedule and according to plan.

  • Step 2

    Domains and Data

    In the next phase, we look at your financial data to get a better picture of where you are and where you’re currently headed. To help us prepare, we conduct information-gathering exercises like the Living Balance Sheet, the Business Owner’s Roadmap, and the Risk Comfort Questionnaire.

  • Step 3

    Rules of the Road

    Here, we chart your financial road map by laying down the rules of the road and setting priorities, creating a to-do list for items such as opening accounts and securing insurance, and making contingency plans to address any needed repairs or avoid any hurdles along the path.

  • Step 4

    Results, Re‐Sets, and Rest Stops

    In this phase, we establish the calendar and time frame of investment decisions, and set standards for mutual accountability.

  • STEP 5

    Reviews/Service Appointments

    As we get your financial journey underway, we schedule regular reviews of your progress and make team assignments to handle important milestones.