Business Owner Roadmap

We exist to serve business owners through a refined and unique planning process. While you focus on your business today, we help develop the best possible options to arrive at your final destination - helping you to exit the business on your terms.

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    Get Organized

    • See the current overview of how financial decisions in your business world and personal life intersect.
    • Set priorities for what matters
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    • View the optimal route for reaching your destination
    • Identify potential hazards and opportunities across both business and personal domains
    • Engage the most efficient and insightful advisor team members
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    • Allocate the needed time and monetary resources
    • Set benchmarks and rewards for achievement
    • Fine-tune the focus of your wide-angle view
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    • First put out any fires
    • Develop your Roadmap and timeline
    • Follow your priorities
    • Apply financial resources  to get what you want
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    • Arrive at your destination of choice and enjoy
    • Create a new destination
    • Replace any inefficiencies


Transferable value is what a business is worth to someone else without the original owner/s present.
Scenario: The day you leave your business is today: is it business as usual?

» A stable and motivated management team

Key people with know-how, fully charged batteries and focused on the business’ success

» Good and improving cash flow

Adding to successful people is healthy budgets with results that are trending up

» A solid, diversified customer base

Know & keep your best customers but don’t depend on too few. Diversify. Offer what cannot be replaced by a competitor. View yourself the way your customer does.

» A realistic growth strategy

If you know where you’re going, how much do you need—is there a gap? Draw up the plans to build the bridge to get there. And educate, employ and keep those key people for your project.

» Operating systems that improve sustainability of cash flows

What makes your company’s operations work as efficiently as possible increasing your bottom line?

» Operating profit margins, at least as good as industry average

How do your operations compare to others in your industry? Are there any innovative systems your key people can find and implement?

» Effective financial controls

Traveling a sure path to the future requires knowing exactly where you are today. Use reliable financial reporting to solve issues and create strong financial partners for growth.

» Intellectual property

Being a property owner has advantages if what you own can be used by others and you collect a fee.

» Facility appearance consistent with asking price

Appearances matter for employees customers and future owners (visual imagery?)




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