What is your most valuable business asset?
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Your business is important to you AND to us. Why would you keep working in a company that you don’t think has a future? Our unique process helps us design and implement the plans that put you—the client—first. The PSGroup addresses your needs and helps you achieve your goals on your terms.

Real Life

Thomason Heating & A/C has been in business for 3 decades with locations in 3 states. Their clients are home builders, home owners, commercial builders and businesses. Diversification, investment in employees and a commitment to customer satisfaction has allowed Mac and his company to gain better than 35% market share in the 15 counties his company serves.

The PSGroup met with Mac about 6 months after business began to put in place a group health and disability policy. Mac had first-hand experience with the effect costly health problems can cause a family. His father’s heart attack came as he was headed to college. The health and disability plan his dad’s textile company had in place for their management team provided salary continuation through his father’s 17 month recovery. The management team at Thomason Heating & A/C will tell you today one of the reasons they have stayed with the company for 20+ years are the benefits. They look to the future with confidence enhanced by benefits recommended by The PSGroup and implemented by Mac.

All scenarios and names mentioned herein are hypothetical. Any resemblance to existing situations, persons or fictional characters is coincidental. The information presented should not be used as the basis for any specific investment advice.

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