How easily can you determine priorities for your money?
Discuss what really matters

Most people can tell you without too much effort:
what being healthy means to them; their ideal vacation spot; their most beloved charity; what keeps them awake; with whom they most want to have dinner BUT Can you describe the perfect financial plan for your family or your business?

The PSGroup helps you align your financial strategies with your unique priorities and goals. We’re able to do this because this is where we start – learning what really matters to you.

Are you able to dream about what your financial future looks like?
Ask yourself. . . .

• Are we making enough money?
• Are my income streams protected?
• Is my debt managed efficiently?
• Am I paying taxes on the wrong things?
• Do we live a budgeted lifestyle?
• Are we saving enough?
• Are our assets, incomes, and lives fully protected?
• Are we getting the best rate of return?
• Do we have access to emergency cash?
• Are we taking too much investment risk?
• Are we taking too little investment risk?

How do you know if you’re answering the wrong questions correctly?

What if you had someone to listen to you and help you make the right decisions that capitalize on your strengths?
Define your own terms for wealth

For many years financial institutions have established “rules” for your money. Too often those “rules” have been supported by large advertising budgets as well as the financial pundits and journalists. Included in the rules are concepts that help financial institutions create wealth for themselves and their shareholders.

In developing plans with our clients, we employ strategies that may appear to defy the conventions of today’s financial services industry. Avoiding trends, fads, and “hot products”, our approach starts with time-tested macro-economic principles complimentary to your big picture.

At The PSGroup, we refuse to be constrained by the narrow views of the greater financial services industry – and this continues to greatly benefit our clients.

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